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Mike is the owner of FMSP, LLC and he has always had a love for  music and entertaining people.  This is the guy who will pick up the phone to answer your questions any time during the day or night.  You will find he does whatever it takes to make a client's dreams become a reality.  Mike is not only a DJ, he is also a musician who loves to play guitar, piano, sax, and drums.  He has even stepped up to become a wedding officiant within FMSP, LLC.


Doug is as flexible and versatile  as they come.  You can find him behind the mic, mixing up music, running a photo booth, or even being the wedding officiant.  He is the owner of DeBark Ministries and is also a very  talented singer.  In fact if you have him for a karaoke event he may even sing a song for you if you ask him nicely.  


Doug number 2, or "Buff" as we call him can be found DJing almost every type of event from weddings to school dances.  He is one of FMSP, LLC's  "Let's get it done!" guys that will make sure it happens no matter how challenging it gets.  When he is not with FMSP, LLC you can find him working with youth in many sporting events from wrestling to football.  He loves teaching kids and guiding them down the right path in life.


Bryan goes way back in the roots of DJing with FMSP, LLC as he started out assisting with DJ equipment set up tear down back in the day.  Now you can find him behind the microphone and turn tables at many events from car shows to weddings.  You may also see him assisting with larger events that require more man-power. He also loves working on his farm and has no problems with getting his hands dirty to get the mission accomplished!


Brock is our "Hey, whatever you need me to do" guy.  Everyone knows one of these guys and realizes just how valuable they are when it comes to getting stuff done!  Brock will be a DJ one day or the guy who sweeps out the trailer the next and he is just as happy doing either.  When he is not with FMSP you can find Brock in his basement watching sports on his home version of a 5 screen sports bar while yelling at the referees on the screens!  As long as his team wins, everything will be fine!

fmsp group photo.jpg
Fun 101.3 Wedding Show at Eden Resort - Doug, Doug, Dawn, Bryan and Mike
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